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Stop Comparing Your Athletic Ability To Everyone Else

I’ve brought this up in a previous post, however with the abundance of 2011 Recap blog posts some of us, including myself, need a friendly reminder to stop comparing our athletic ability to that of someone else. It’s important to realize that we are at a different stage, on a different journey, with possibly a different destination or goal. Look to others for inspiration and remember that you may be providing inspiration to others yourself!

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Running Pays You In More Ways Than One

If you’ve read my blog you know that I tout the benefits of staying active.  For me it’s usually swimming, running, or biking.    It’s kept me healthy and sane.  (No anti-depressants for me!)  I often find that the time I spent working out clears my head and helps me make decisions.  It’s no surprise I sometimes have my best ideas while out pounding pavement.

Today was one such run.  However, in addition to a mind-clearing decision-making run, I was also paid in another way.  Want to know how??

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Does Omni-Heat Really Work?

Well over a month ago I surprisingly won a Twitter contest from Sportswear.  Winter has finally arrived and I thought I’d try out my new products!  I received a Women’s Lush Plush Jacket, Men’s Hexaholic Down Jackets, and a Women’s Midweight Baselayer top and bottom.  Today I’ll review the Baselayer and will do a review on the jackets soon.

Please note: Although I received “free” products, Columbia did not require nor request reviews or feedback from me.  I just thought I’d pass along information about my experience with the products. 

The Baselayer pieces arrived separately in these plastic tube-like boxes.  Although I’m not a huge fan of packaging things in plastic due to the effects it has on the Earth, these boxes are pretty cool.  I have no idea what I will do with them, but I foresee them having a second use around my home.  I can hope others will have the same idea.  With that being said, while checking out my local Dick’s Sporting Goods I saw that their offered Baselayers weren’t in boxes, but hanging up on hangers.  I’m unsure what the usual packaging is for this product. 

The Baselayers have Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective technology.  They claim this helps to regulate your body temperature, by using the metallic dots on the inside of the cloth, to reflect your created heat back to you.  It supposedly makes you 20% warmer than a baselayer without the technology.  It also has Omni-wick technology that wicks away the moisture to keep you dry during activity. Most all active gear has some sort of this technology and I see it almost as a requirement nowadays.  Here’s the inside of the bottoms.

Immediately upon touching the fabric and sliding the tights on I fell in love with the fabric.  So soft and smooth…dare I say buttery?  It’s kind of hard to explain. I actually had a minor freak out moment, “Is there silk in these??” (Being a vegan I do not wear silk.)  But the tag quickly put me at ease: 86% polyester/14% elastane.  Whew! I was so comfy I could see myself wearing these at pajamas.  The fit was formfitting but not too tight and they didn’t fit me oddly like so many baselayers do (too tight in the calves and huge around the waist.) The top is extra long, which I see as a good thing.  Better to cover the bum or remain tucked in, depending on what way you like to wear it.  The waist band has kind of a fluffy/plush feel to it, which provides comfort. Lastly, Columbia also uses flat-lock stitching on both pieces.  This minimizes friction with the skin = little to no chafing.  Win!  According to the box each piece costs $60.00.  Upon further review I see that they also have solid colors that cost $55.00 or the heavyweight for $65.00

My parents added to my Columbia Omni-Heat collection for Christmas by giving me the Hit The Trail Gloves.  I’ve been in search of some running gloves other than my typical stretch knit gloves.  The gloves also have the Omni-Heat technology along with Omni-Shield (resists light rain and stains).  They are thinner, not bulky at all, and retail for $30.00

Here’s a picture with one glove inside-out.

So how did these products do in action??  Check out the video to find out!

I Married A Rockstar

I have training and triathlons. D has his drums. 

D’s been playing drums since he was in junior high. It was also his MOS while in the Marine Corps and he now volunteers as the percussion instructor with our former high school/junior high bands. It’s his passion. Although he’s dabbled in starting a band nothing has ever come to real fruition. He’s recently been focusing on his technique and been putting in more time behind the drum set to freshen up his chops a bit. He hopes to hook up with a band in the future to start playing even more.

I will be the first to admit I haven’t always been the most supporting wife. (Bar scenes and dealing with fangirls aren’t really my thing). I beat myself up over this all of the time. I wish I could provide unconditional support for D and his passion just as he does mine. It’s something I’ve been working on and will continue to work on.

I think it’s important for everyone to have their own hobbies and passions, whether shared or separate than those of your spouse/significant other. What are your passions? How about your spouse/significant other?

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)

2012: Believe In Yourself

As we head into 2012 I hope it’s everything that you hope for and more. Whatever your resolution (or non-resolution), success begins with believing in yourself.

As you saw, I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions.  However, like so many, I have some plans for 2012.  Here they are….

Run my 2nd Half Marathon – As of last night I have registered for the Toledo Glass City Half Marathon.  It’s scheduled a little early in the season for my liking (April), but it’s what worked with my schedule.  It won’t interfere with our trip to Italy or my Half Rev3 training.

Italy!!!!!!! – I don’t think I could add enough exclamation marks to show how flippin’ excited I am about going to Italy!!!!!!!  D and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year.  It has always been our dream to venture to Italy and it’s finally becoming a reality.  We’re looking forward to spending 9 days in Rome, traveling through Tuscany, and also Florence.

Complete my first Half Rev3 Triathlon – If you haven’t been able to tell from previous posts, I’m super stoked and super scared about this all rolled into one.  Although it may sound crazy, I’m looking forward to the long hours of training that are heading my way.

Cruisin’ the Western Caribbean – To add to our 10th wedding anniversary celebration, we’ll be sailing on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas in the fall.  We’ll be joining my parents, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and my brother and SIL, also celebrating their 10th anniversary, along with a few aunts and uncles. This is sure to be a good time.

(Something to note: both trips are each planned within one month’s time following each of my “big” races.  Ha, fancy that ;)  Gotta offset my hardwork with some enjoyment too.  Right?) 

I know there will be additional races and that life will be throwing us other ups and downs throughout the year, but this is what I’m looking forward to most.

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)

Figuring Out How To Cross-Train

I addressed this a tiny bit a few posts ago…I’m new to the cross-training world.  You might be thinking, “huh?”  Let me explain.  When I started running, I ran. Period.  I mixed in some leg lifts and crunches every so often, but that was my limit. It’s not that I didn’t want to cross-train, I just didn’t.  Now that I’m in the triathlon world it’s been easier to cross-train, mostly because I “have to”. 

Having joined the YMCA this is my first year I’ve had access to a pool, which has been terrific.  I am in love with the pool.  I’ve missed feeling like a fish in water and now that it’s back I find great joy in swimming laps.  I know, it sounds crazy.  In addition to the pool, having an indoor bike trainer has helped mix things up too.


With that being said, this off-season has me going in circles a bit.  I don’t have anything definitive that I’m training for, so I really have no direction per se. (I plan on starting my half marathon training schedule that last week of January.) I’m still experiencing the excitement of the newness of biking and swimming during the winter (something I’ve never done before) and find myself deferring to them instead of heading out for runs.  It’s easy to say to myself, “It’s cold outside, I’ll just stay in and ride the trainer.”  With nothing “threatening” me (i.e. race) it’s real easy to do this.  I admit, this laid back approach is nice.  However, as you well know, I like structure and have had a few anxious moments with my choices.  It’s no surprise that I will also admit that I look forward to having a set schedule that will hold me accountable to a specific sport everyday.

So, what do you do when you’re not training for a race?  Do you still stick with a strict schedule or are you more lenient and mix it up a bit?

Choo! Choo! The Decision Train Is Rolling!

I have been having minor wig out moments recently.  As you know, I have some OCD-like tendencies.  I like to feel like I have control of the situation.  If I don’t, enter my wigging out.  I know the future is uncertain.  Heck, tomorrow is not guaranteed.  However, I was at the point where I didn’t know what decisions to make or how to implement them since my future is so uncertain. 

On top of that my head has been spinning about planning a vacation for our 10 yr wedding anniversary, creating a race schedule, figuring out a training schedule, getting a coach or not, deciding if I want to join a triathlon team, keeping up with all of my jobs, and becoming a FitFluential Ambassador. Believe it our not, most of these are somehow all interconnected.

As Elphaba would say: It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap.  So I did.

Source: via Alexa on Pinterest


For well over a year we’ve said, “Let’s book a trip to Italy.”  Well, we finally booked it!  This past weekend D and I booked our flights to Italy to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary.  It’s always been my dream to travel to Italy.  Having married at such a young age, having little time to savor our wedding, and having very little funds, a honeymoon wasn’t in our cards.  Thankfully after 4 yrs of marriage we were able to go on vacation and have since been on several wonderful vacations.  With that being said, we always say that we choose our vacations to “make up for our missed honeymoon.”  This definitely fits the bill, as either of us has been to Europe.  We’ve spent countless hours researching, trying to find the best places to stay, which fit into our budget and style.  We area beyond stoked to head to Italy in just a few short months.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this in the future.


As for creating a race schedule, figuring out a training plan, and deciding on a coach…well that’s still a work in progress.  This is my first off-season as a triathlete and I’ve been kind of like a deer in headlights.  What do I do?  I’ve just been rotating my workouts to cover all of my bases.  Then, adding in trying to train for a half marathon put another spin on it.  Thankfully Laura has come to my rescue and shuffled me along.  I swear I’m beginning to think we were separated at birth or something.  She can read my fears and anxieties as if she’s been through them (maybe she has?) and has provided an abundance of knowledge, guidance, and reassurance just when I thought I was losing my mind.  With her assistance this is what I’ve come up with.  Tentatively I am planning for the Glass City Half Marathon in early spring, have several ideas for smaller triathlons throughout the summer months, finishing up with my “A” race, the Half Rev3, in September.  I plan on focusing on the half marathon throughout the winter months using Hal Higdon’s training schedule, which also includes cross training/strength training days.  Finally, as for a coach/Half Rev3 training plan, I’m still working on that.  I think there’s something coming to fruition that will fit the bill.  I’ll fill you in on that when it becomes available!

I already posted that I have chosen to join the Team Red, White, and Blue Triathlon team, so that’s not really any news.  This was one of the first decisions I made and it helped get the decision train rolling.

Lastly, I have to keep up with my jobs along with adding in FitFluential Ambassador duties.  As you guessed I am a very organized person.  Keeping up isn’t necessarily hard, I just have to use any spare time to my advantage and optimize any time that I do have.  Making lists and crossing off items definitely helps.


Since I’ve already made some major decisions other things will begin to fall into place.  Now, instead of saying, “What if…” I can say, “When this happens….” I feel more prepared and more in control.  Ahhhh.

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)

1BandID = Fantastic Idea

As you read in a previous post I recently ordered a 1BandID.  You haven’t heard of them?  Well, they’re new.  1BandID is different than other ID bracelets or dog tags that you wear in addition to your watch, GPS or HR monitor.  Unlike those other products, 1BandID is the first and only athlete ID that securely attaches to and displays critical contact and medical information on your watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor band.

I first “met” the creator/owner, Joe, on Twitter.  I stumbled upon the 1BandID site and I finally realized that Joe was the brains behind the product. After seeing his idea I wanted to get my hand on one of those bad boys.  It’s such a great idea.  Through a contest on 1BandID’s Facebook page I was named a winner of a free 1BandID.  Woot!  It arrived this week!

I hate to compare two products, such as the already existing RoadID, which I’ve had for several years.  However, I’m going to do so, because it’s what I’ve experienced, what I can compare to, and what most people will want to know (is one better than the other?).

First impressions: How cute is this little bag it comes in?  I know the idea is so simple, but in my mind it gives a little extra personal touch. 

Also, the size of the metal part is a tad smaller that the RoadID.  With that being said, the font size isn’t much different and is very legible.

Most people will put the 1BandID on the strap where the holes are for putting on your watch.  Anyone with a smaller wrist will have to put the product on the opposite strap (clasp side).  As you can see, I removed the little piece of rubber that holds down the excess strap and instead put the 1BandID in its place. The 1BandID will now do the “job” of that little rubber piece I removed.

The biggest question: Is it bulky?  No, not really. 

To be honest my Garmin is already pretty bulky, which I’ve gotten used to.  This little piece of fabric/metal made no difference whatsoever.  Even with a smaller watch I don’t think I’d give notice to the 1BandID.  It’s light and flexible.  Here’s a before and after shot of my wrist.  As you can see, there’s no big difference.

Drawbacks: I wish I could place it on the strap it was intended for (strap with the holes), so it’d be easier to look down and see my mantra.  Alas, this is not the product’s fault.  My wrist is just small.  And I can easier flip my wrist around and see it just as easy. 

My other issue is my Garmin’s not waterproof, so if I go swimming I will still need my RoadID.  Once again, that’s not the product’s fault.  I hope to upgrade my Garmin in the future to something that’s waterproof, which will void out this issue.

Final thoughts: This is an excellent idea and a fantastic product.  I was thrilled with 1BandID’s customer service and speed and would highly recommend this product.

Joe is such a great guy that not only did I get a complimentary 1BandID, but he wants to pass on some savings to you too! When ordering, use the code heidi64284 upon checkout and you’ll receive 10% off.  Very cool!

Jingle Bell Run 5k Recap

The latest race I’ve ever done in a season was a Turkey Dash.  This year I figured I’d give a Christmas race a go.  Enter the Jingle Bell Run 5K.  This race was held just outside the grounds of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in a neighboring city.  For those who don’t know, Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States, was born in Delaware, Ohio.  Long story short, after his presidency he retired to his home, Spiegel Grove, in Fremont, Ohio.  The Presidential Center not only has a museum but also offers tours of his home.  As a kid this was always a special field trip and I must admit I’ve taken the tour several times, even as an adult.  When looking for a race I thought this was a great option…short drive, cool location, and some of the money raised goes back to the Presidential Center.

Weather: Brrrrr. 25 degrees at race time.  Thankfully the sun was out and there was little to no wind.  I wore 2 pairs of tights, a Nike Pro Thermal top, along with a Target C9 wicking top and polar fleece ¼ zip top.  I donned my Nike “hood” to protect my neck and my Nike hat.  A friend let me try out her wicking gloves and I covered them up with D’s big ol’ polar fleece glove/mittens. They were so big I didn’t even put my fingers through the finger holes.  My hands were very well protected!  Lastly, my Team Sparkle skirts arrived this past week and I was able to rock out my turquoise skirt with race legs. I ran the race with my fellow Tri friend, Wendy.  Yes, she’s a barefoot runner…crazy, I know, but she rocks!

High Points: The course was an out and back route.  It started at the top of a hill, dipped down, and then rose again at 1.25 miles.  Once you turned around you went back downhill, then back uphill at 3 miles, and finished in a flat gateway to the Presidential Center.  Just like my last race, I attacked the hills and was thrilled how well I did.  I was once again passing people during the rises and was proud of myself.  Although the weather was cold I was toasty warm, but not too hot, and was thankful that the mittens/gloves kept my hands perfect.  My abs were aching at 2 miles but I attributed that to the extra oompf I was giving to push myself.  My bowels cooperated and I had no discomfort. Yay!

Low Points: I really don’t have any.  As with any race, I go into it looking for fun and try to push myself.  I had fun and am glad with my effort and results. It was a nice route too.

Time: 29:24.8!!!! Although I’ve broken 30:00 previously, this is the first true 5K distance race that I’ve run a sub 30:00…and it’s a new PR.  WOOT! Dunno is I should attribute this to my pushing, the cold weather, or my Team Sparkle skirt. ;)

Distance: 3.1 miles

Pace: 9:29/mile

Standing: 97th Overall and 3rd in Age Group

Here’s a close up of my 3rd place award, a Rutherford B. Hayes $1 coin.

Anyone Can Be An Athlete, Even You!

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a VLOG, so I thought I’d do one today.  I discuss 7 tips for new athletes and how to jump start your workout program.  What tips would you give a new athlete?


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