Going Veg

I can’t go through all of my changes throughout my life.  We’d be here for years!  But I thought I’d at least give a short back-story of my transitioning to vegetarian, then vegan, and now to low fat raw vegan (LFRV).

In June 2008 my husband and I were relaxing down by the waterfront.  As expected there were people fishing off the pier.  In the past I never thought anything of it.  But that evening someone had caught a fish and let it lay on the ground flopping about.  It disgusted me.  How could anyone do that?  The fish was basically drowning in air.  Finally, someone came up and hooked the fish in the gills and tossed it over the edge of the pier so at least the fish was in water.  Although that choice was better than being on the pier, ultimately the fish was “stuck” and probably struggling to get free while in the water.  To this day thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.  I had never had the effect from an experience like that.

It was then that I thought, “Why not become a lacto/ovo vegetarian.”  I never ate much meat before so it really wasn’t an issue, and had no problems with the transition.  Although I had witnessed the fish incident my actions weren’t necessarily animal-cruelty driven.  I didn’t see a need to meat, so I chose not to eat it.  I never imagined I’d choose to become vegan.  I can even quote myself as saying, “I’ll never become vegan.  That’d be close to impossible to abide by the lifestyle.”  Little did I know that 2 years later I’d be making the transition to veganism.

Throughout those 2 years I read up and learned about being vegetarian.  Even with the knowledge, I found that it was easy to be a vegetarian, but not necessarily easy to be a HEALTHY vegetarian.  Oh yeah, it’s great that you have all of the options like meatless burgers or fake meat.  But they are all processed foods.  In other words, they are not healthy foods.  Although I wasn’t necessarily eating the healthiest diet, this time allowed me to venture into learning about cruelty-free living.  It was then that I had the light bulb moment of, “Yes, I want to be meat free, but I also want my body to be animal-free, and all of my products to be cruelty-free.”

In the February 2010 I decided to venture into veganism and dabbled in a high raw vegan diet.  In other words, no cooked foods. My diet consisted of nuts, fruits, and veggies.  As with anything, I continued to do research which lead me to a low fat raw vegan diet focusing on 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein, and 10% fat.  I maintained a LFRV lifestyle for over a month in the spring. I hadn’t felt that great in years.  Unfortunately I eventually allowed cooked foods back into my diet. 

So that’s where I am at right now.  I’m still vegan but attempting to transition to a 100% LFRV diet.


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