Be Grateful

Back when I first ventured into the raw vegan lifestyle a fellow raw vegan, Freelee, encouraged me to embrace what I was grateful for.  The guidelines: choose 3 things you’re grateful for, whatever they may be, and write them down on a daily basis.  I chose to post my gratefuls on my personal Facebook page.

Most days I found it to be quite easy, but on rough days I found this to be difficult.  It seemed like it’d take me forever to just think of one thing to be grateful for.  I still pushed through and made sure I got my “3 gratefuls” each day. And you know what?  As time went on the process became easier.  Not only was I able to easily come up with gratefuls at the end of the day, I also found that throughout the day I found myself saying, “I’m grateful for this….” 

With so many things in life we’re trained in what we do and think.  Our anger, resentment, and negativity are learned behavior.  The thing is, we’ve done it so long that it’s hard to break the cycle.  By focusing on the positive and finding gratefuls I was retraining myself on how to look at the world and my surroundings in a positive light.  To this day I try to say or write down 3 things I’m grateful for and would definitely encourage others to do so.  Try it, I think you’d be amazed at how good it makes you feel.


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