I Watched

I’m sure the moment many readers see the actual subject matter of this post they will immediately stop reading and go on to something else. Of course that’s their prerogative. So what could be so taboo about this blog post? I dunno, but mention the words Royal Wedding and people tend to cringe. People are sick of reading and hearing about anything having to do with the wedding. It’s understandable. From the moment the ring was on Kate’s finger speculation from the date, to location, and even her wedding dress began. I think it’s safe to say that the entire situation was overanalyzed and over publicized. To be quite honest although I’m on the internet quite a bit I don’t watch much television and didn’t get all wrapped up into the pre-excitement of the wedding. With that being said, did you watch it? I did.

Why did I watch it? Well, there are many reasons. Although the closest I ever came to meeting Princess Diana was through the television I can’t help but feel that, like so many others, she holds a special place in my heart…as do her sons. I remember back to August 31st, 1997 as though it was yesterday. I came downstairs to find my parents watching the live news coverage of her death. I watched all the coverage of the events as everything unfolded. Such a sad time.

Another reason? I’ll admit, I had a small crush on Prince William when I was young. Heck, what girl my age didn’t? Not to mention what girl doesn’t want to find prince charming and live happily ever after? Although I have met and married my own prince charming and am currently living my happily ever after, it’s always fun to see someone else starting their own happily ever after. I could watch weddings all day long, whether the people are famous or not. The excitement and happiness that exudes from couples makes me smile.

And the most important reason I watched? It’s moments like this that show that as a world we can come together and appreciate something. Yes, it’s just a wedding and it’s over publicized, but it’s good to see something positive instead of negative coverage especially when lately it feels like the world is going to hell.

I don’t blame others for not getting up at 4am to watch the festivities as I did. To each his own. However, I chose to see this experience in a positive light and absorb all that it was worth.  Cheers to Will and Kate!
Royal Wedding Pictures, Images and Photos

Keep Smiling =)


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