Scoop On Poop

Out of all the things people ask me about in regards to living a low fat raw vegan lifestyle, there is one thing that stands out. The status of my defecation. Yep, my poop. Hey, that’s cool with me. I’ve never been one to shy aware from a topic. I’m quite comfortable talking about almost anything under the sun. This subject is no different.

So, what about my poop? The first people say is, “Aren’t you constipated?!” Others have eaten multiple bananas in a day and have obviously found this not to be the case. Those people ask, “How do you get through the day without having an accident?!”

Let me address the first concern. Do bananas make you constipated? For me? No. For others, maybe. Everyone has a different body and react differently to each food that they eat. In my experience and research, although there is a chance of constipation, in most cases people have the opposite effect. Which leads me to the next concern.

Do I make a mess in my pants from eating that many bananas? The simple answer is no. However, let’s dig a little deeper. Chances are if you have eaten an abundance of bananas (even 1-2) that are unripe you’ll have the runs. Unripe bananas are considered to have complex sugars. Upon ripening these complex sugars are broken down to simple sugars, making it much easier for your body to digest. And when I say that the bananas need to be ripe, it doesn’t mean yellow with green tips. Ripe means yellow with brown spots covering the entire banana all the way to entirely brown bananas. Think, banana bread making bananas. Some may say, “Ewww.” Understandable, I used to be a yellow banana with green tip banana eater. That is until I did my research and made the mistake of eating too many unripe bananas in one sitting. Number one they didn’t taste all that good. Number two, yes, I learned first hand that they will produce runs.

Now there is no way I will consider eating a banana that isn’t fully ripe. They just don’t taste good.

So, what is the status of my defecation? I defecate multiple times a day. Personally I’ve never counted, however I’m definitely not a one and done kind of girl. For the most part I will defecate 20-30 minutes after each meal, and it usually takes the same approximate time as urinating for me. To be honest, it’s kind of hard to explain my feces. It is not the consistency of urine, making me have the “runs”, however, it does not take me any effort. In addition, oftentimes toilet paper isn’t even needed. Of course, because of habit it is always used. And lastly, there is little to no smell. If anything, my feces smells like whatever I had eaten for that meal.

You see, ripened fruits and vegetables are so easily to digest that they don’t sit in your bowels like cooked foods, especially animal products, do. Those products sit in your bowel, putrefying, making the horrible smells and solid waste. This positive side effect of eating low fat raw vegan is not special to me. Anyone who is following this lifestyle has the same results.

In dealing with my endometriosis I found that straining to defecate irritated my lesions, causing my abdomen to scream with pain day in and day out. Now that I don’t have the problem I have been able to keep my endometriosis symptoms at bay.

So that’s the scoop on my poop.

Be grateful and keep smiling =)


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