Bum Toe

4.5 weeks ago I was standing at the kitchen sink and decided to stretch out my hips by swinging my legs. Unfortunately my toe got caught up on the lower cupboards, I heard a crack, and instant pain. After hopping around I finally took off my sock to find that my middle toe was going in the opposite direction of the others. Ugh. Normally I wouldn’t go to the emergency room for a broken toe, but figured I’d better do so.

Thankfully I was in and out of the emergency room fast. Radiographs confirmed the diagnosis of a broken toe, the doctor tugged on it to make it straight, and then the toes were taped together since nothing much can be done to a broken toe. In addition I was told it would take 6 weeks to heal. Another ugh. So no running. Not good given I have a race in July and my first sprint triathlon in August. Mind you, I don’t run races to win, I run them to run. However, I still need to train. So I’ve been riding my bike, trying to stay active. But if I remove the tape the toe still isn’t straight. I’m not worried about having good looking toes since they’ve never been cute, but still having the toe offset concerns me.

At this point I’m playing the wait and see game. I just want it to heal so I can get back out running again and am grateful that at least I have the option to bike.

Be grateful and keep smiling =)


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