Since becoming vegetarian/vegan I have strived to remove any animal products/products tested on animals from my lifestyle. Although I am ultimately hoping to go product-free (yes, no shampoo, no lotion, etc.) over the next few months, I thought I’d go over some products that I have found a liking to during my transition.

Deodorant – Ever since I can remember I have had issues with deodorant. For some reason after a length of time it just doesn’t seem to do the trick, so I would have to switch it up every so many months, usually before a stick had even run out. No surprise, but the same has been true with cruelty-free products too. I’ve used Tom’s of Maine, Desert Essence, and Nature’s Gate. I have found out of those three I prefer Nature’s Gate (their “seasonal” scents). Over the past month, in transition to deodorant-free I have started to use a Crystal Thai Stone. Basically it’s a clear stone you dampen, rub under your armpits, and then go. All it is mineral salt and there is no scent. I have found it to work quite well, better than the other options, and would highly recommend.

Toothpaste – I’ve tried both Tom’s Of Maine and Jason.  Although I love the taste of black licorice, I do not want my toothpaste to taste like it. Unfortunately Tom’s had a undertone of the taste so I looked to Jason. I really like the Jason Power Smile toothpaste. It’s fresh and clean like a typical toothpaste.

Lotion – I’m not too picky about my lotion so I haven’t had issue with this. I really like the Shikai and Desert Essence brands for their scents. I’ve also used Nature’s Gate  for a non-scented option. Most recently I’ve have started to use coconut oil for moisturizing. (Coconut oil can be used for many things!) It says to heat to soften, however once in my hands it quickly melts and then I rub over my skin. With the summer heat I’ve found to turn to oil while still in the jar. No biggie, I just dip my fingers in and rub it on my body like usual. It leaves my skin very soft and surprisingly not too oily. So far I really enjoy it and it’s all natural versus products that contain chemicals. I highly recommend giving this a try too.

Lip balms – An obsession I have is using lip balm. Although I’m not as bad as some people, I do tend to reach for my lip balm quite often. This is a habit I’d like to break and am working on. I’ve tried most anything under the sun, but will say that it’s hard to find lip balm without beeswax. Ugh. I did find one called Merry Hempsters, which did not have beeswax, but for some reason it smelled fishy to me. Into the trash it went. I’ve also tried Kiss My Face , Dr. Bronner’s, Biggs And Featherbelle, and the Whole Foods brand to name a few. Still on the lookout for something better, which will probably be coconut oil.

Shampoo/Body Wash- You name it, I’ve probably tried it. Like lotion I’m not too picky. Of the few I’ve tried such as Kiss My Face, Avalon Organics, and Giovanni Cosmetics.

Hair Products – I’m still working on finding a cruelty-free taffy/pomade that I like. As for hairspray I use Aubrey Organics. It’s non-aerosol and works quite well. I don’t need a super hold, so this does the trick. It also smells more natural and not so chemical infused like mainstream hairsprays. Although most natural/cruelty-free products tend to run higher in price I found that this hairspray is probably the highest in cost vs. regular products of all of my personal care products. But, I don’t use a ton and I think the trade off is worth it.

So, if you’re looking to go to animal-free products these are just a few I’ve tried. I do not have easy access to

store such as Whole Foods, and although I’m grateful for our small, local health food store, I don’t have an overabundance of choices when it comes to these products.  With that being said, unless I grab items on a random trip to a Whole Foods I have to rely on what I have available…which obviously has been plenty to choose from.  Most of the products I mentioned are available at your usual store. 

Want to know if the products you’re using are tested on animals? First thing, check the label.  It may tell you “not tested on animals”, “does not contain animal derived ingredients”, and/or “cruelty-free”.  Check out this site for cruelty-free companies and products and to learn more.

As for me going product-free, keep an eye on my blog. I’m nearing the end of my shampoo, so I’ll be attempting the shampoo transition soon.


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