Tweet! Tweet!

Several years ago I ventured into the world on blogging.  Shortly thereafter I started tweeting on Twitter. Both of these options allowed me to get to know my extended family members better (they also had blogs and Twitter).  I enjoyed both options of communication.  As time moved on Facebook became available to the masses and I decided to check it out.  With the coming of Facebook I strayed from blogging and tweeting.  I was surprised so many people were still tweeting instead of using Twitter, so I decided to ask, “What can Twitter do for me that Facebook does not?” I quickly got the answer from my cousin Jacki….on Twitter she follows people that aren’t necessarily friends, but share the same interests, are funny, or she follows celebrities/musicians/well-known people who she might never have had contact with prior to this technology.  What a brilliant and pretty basic idea (why didn’t I pick up on this?).

With this knowledge I have decided to re-enter the world of Twitter.  I still have my original screen name that will be used as it has been in the past, in addition to celebrities, etc.  However, I have also added a new name, BananaBuzzbomb.  This is my “vegan” screen name.  You may ask, “Why have 2?  Are you faking an alter ego?” Nah, that’s not the case.  Although I’m passionate about my veganism I also don’t think I need or want to slam it in people’s faces, especially family members. This will help me keep things separate.  This doesn’t mean I’ll never post vegan information on Facebook, etc, but this is specifically designated for vegan feed.

I’ve only had BananaBuzzbomb for several weeks but I’ve “met” some awesome vegans.  I love hopping on Twitter throughout the day.  It’s so informational, positive, and uplifting. I’m grateful for the support of my fellow vegans and look forward to meeting more.

Be grateful and keep smiling =)


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