Testing The Waters


I have my first sprint triathlon in less than one month. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I can’t wait for the experience.

I had yet to venture into a pool due to time and the accessibility until today. And instead of heading to a pool I headed out into the lake. I figured if I’m doing it, I’m going all out.

I purchased a wetsuit several weeks ago, and am glad I did. Although I have history of being like a fish in water, this isn’t true of me in a lake. I can’t remember the last time I was in a natural body of water (other than a quick entry after the Columbia Muddy Buddy a couple weeks ago). I don’t deal well with it. I like sand
I like water. I don’t like sand and water combined. And most times the water is frigid.

I went into today’s experience hoping for the best and wasn’t disappointed. Thankfully I picked an awesome swim buddy (who is also training for her first sprint triathlon…same one as me). After a hot day at work, along with the comfort of my Vortex 3 Xterra wetsuit, the water was perfect.

We got some swimming in.Although my swimming needs some work, this was huge accomplishment for me and I consider it a success. Can’t wait from our next training session!



  1. Awesome job girls!! Are you following a triathlon training schedule? Where did you get in the water at? Someone’s place on the chaussee? Last q for now–where is the triathlon? I can’t imagine it being in Sandusky, right? Good luck with training! Will I see you both at the reunion?

    1. Hey Lisa! I’m not following a specific training schedule like I did for my half Marathon. We went over to the chaussee. Thankfully the water was very smooth. Our sprint triathlon is August 14th in vermilion. I don’t think I’ll he making it to the reunion as it is my mom’s and my shared birthday weekend…and her 60th birthday. I think Carrie may be going though.

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