Fruity Fun Birthday Gift

This past weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday.  So the question is what do you get a raw vegan that doesn’t need anything and won’t eat cake?  Why fruit, of course! 

My brother and his wife surprised me with a gift basket of labeled exotic fruits from Nino Salvaggio’s .  The selection includes: Passion Fruit, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Pink Guava, Cherimoya, Lychees, Thai Guava, Quince, and Pepino Melon. I’ve already dug in a plan to report my taste reviews here, along with pictures.



  1. Awesome gift!! I’ve had Lychees and tasted like fruit cocktail kinda. Real sweet, whitish color…I guess not the best description! haha Have fun!! I can’t wait to see your fruit review! Happy Belated!!

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