Fruity Fun Review #1 – Passion Fruit

My first choice of fruit to eat from my fruity fun birthday gift was the passion fruit.  The skin was already brittle and wrinkled, looking overripe to me, hence why I chose this one first.  I based my conclusion on my other experiences with fruit, not passion fruit.  One of the reasons I’ve always avoided passion fruit in stores, when available, was that it always looked this way.  Upon further research  I found this was normal.  Ahhh, makes sense now.  My research also explained that there are two different passion fruit colors: purple and white. My basket provided me a purple one. They are native to Brazil, but are grown in Hawaii (White), Florida, California, and New Zealand (Purple).

You should only eat the inside of a passion fruit, not the peel.  I cut it open to find a jelly-like substance.  Most articles say it’s orange in color.  In my opinion it was more a mixture of yellowish-green hues throughout.  I guess most often the pulp is sieved, removing the seeds, and the remaining pulp and juice are used in drinks, atop salads, or in specific dishes.  On the other hand the seed are edible, although it is recommended to swallow the seeds whole and not chew them.  Per my reading, the white layer just inside the outer peel is bitter along with the seeds (if chewed).

I can see some individuals having issues with the jelly-like texture/consistency of the pulp. Personally it didn’t bother me.  What were my first thoughts on the taste of the fruit?  Wow, that’s tart!  More like sweeTART candy tart, not Tearjerker candy tart.  I really liked it.  Since I eat a raw, mostly fruit, diet, I don’t necessarily seek out sweets, but I could see myself seeking this fruit out for a little different sweetness/tartness.

My only negative, if you even want to call it that, is that there’s so little to eat within the fruit itself.  Honestly, it’s just enough to give you that tart satisfaction, and chances are I wouldn’t want much more.  However, it’s not like I could mono-meal (eat an entire meal of just one fruit/food) on passion fruit alone.  It’d be way too tart and more than likely quite expensive. 

With all that being said, I will definitely add passion fruit to my fruits to purchase in the future.


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