Fruity Fun Review #2 – Rambutan

My next choice to eat from my fruity fun birthday gift was the rambutan.  After a quick Google search I saw a couple pictures of beautiful red rambutans, at the same time looking at the one in my hand that was dried out and brown.  Uhhh.  As with the passion fruit, I was worried that it was overripe.  Having already been proved wrong with the passion fruit I dug in.  For a second time, I wasn’t disappointed.  Something I must remember is that although we’re very lucky to have access to fruits from around the US/Globe, they aren’t as fresh as if they’ve just been picked.  With that being said, if they’re this good having sat this long, I can only imagine how yummy they’d be if they were fresh off the tree/bush.

In Malaysia, Thailand, the Phillippines, Vietnam, Borneo, and other countries of this region, the rambutan is a relatively common fruit the same way an apple is common to many people in cooler climates

The rambutan is very easy to open.  You slice one side of the fruit and “crack” it open, exposing the edible inside.  (You do not eat the peel.) Once open, the fruit can be squeezed allowing the edible portion to pop off the rind.  The edible fruit reminded me of a peeled grape in texture and taste, although it was slightly larger.  I’ve also read where some people say it resembled how a boiled egg looks, which I could also see.  There is also a pit located with center of the fruit that should not be eaten, as it is bitter. 

What were my thoughts on the rambutan?  It was yummy but I didn’t have a, “wow that was awesome!” moment.  As with the passion fruit, I could see this being hard to eat as a mono-meal due to cost, especially since it doesn’t provide any special taste.  However, I would eat it again and if I were in an area where the fruit was more prevalent I wouldn’t hesitate to dig in.


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