Fruity Fun Review #3 – Cherimoya & Guavas

Mark Twain was known to say that the cherimoya was  “the most delicious fruit known to men.”.  According to my reading it’s also called a custard apple.  Oftentimes people will freeze it, then eat it. 

When I cut into the amount of seeds surprised me.  Good thing I read that these are toxic. So toxic that they were once used as a pesticide and can also destroy kidney function.  In addition, I found that you aren’t supposed to eat the peel.

So I dug in.  Basically I cut it in half and started digging out the center.  I must admit it was kind of a challenge with all of the seeds.  Once again, so many seeds, and they’re quite large.  I guess I’m more of a pit kind of girl.  You know, just pop it out and eat, or eat around it. (I forgot to get my own picture).

I found the texture to be similar to a pear only more gritty.  I ate half the fruit and then put the other half in the freezer. I figured I’d give that a try to see what that was like given others recommended it.  I have yet to try it.

Unfortunately I did in fact miss the prime on my mangosteen.  I’m very bummed about this given this is one of the ones I was real excited to eat.  Bummer.  I guess they’re quite moist but drastically lose their water content unless eaten soon after being picked.  I’m wondering if I’d even be able to find a “good” one in a store given that I’ve only seen dried up ones wherever I’ve been. 

Onward to my guavas.  I received a Pink Guava and a Thai Guava.  It’s my understanding that both peels are edible.  The pink guava’s peel did not look appetizing so I just ate the inside.  Both guavas had a ton of small seeds in the inside, which are edible.  However, I can see some people cracking a tooth on those seeds.  So be careful.  They also had a pear-like texture and were slightly tart with a musky undertone.  After tasting I researched if this is what it’s supposed to taste like.  One article said kiwi-strawberry and another one said they should taste like pear-strawberry.  I guess I could see either of those being true.  Tart, like a kiwi or strawberry with the texture of a pear.

I guess you could say I wasn’t a huge fan of the cherimoya or guavas.  I couldn’t help but think, once again, did I miss the prime of the fruits?  Not to mention, although most fruits are available year round, it doesn’t mean they’re tasty year round.  With that being said, I’d jump at the chance to try them again.  8 years ago I tried a mango and didn’t like it.  I was confused because people raved about them.  It wasn’t until I was in Hawaii and had another taste that I fell in love with mango.  So, it’s all about timing and knowing where and when to eat the fruit.  I think I need to do more research for these 3 fruits and try them again.


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