Fruity Fun Review #4 – Lychees & Pepino Melon

I really liked the lychees.  Basically I cut the top off and popped them out of their peels into my mouth.  As with the rambutan, I found the texture and size to be comparable to a peeled grape.  Make sure you don’t eat the peel!  I mistakenly grabbed a bit on the first one and it was yucky bitter. The initial taste of the fruit reminded me of a grape, but the second taste/after taste had a bit of a perfume/fragrance to it.  I didn’t consider this a bad thing.  It was unique to the fruit and didn’t turn me off.  Just interesting.  There’s a decent sized pit inside that you shouldn’t eat.  I’d like to eat many more of these. 

The pepino melon was just seeping with water upon cutting it.  The entire melon is edible and there are no seeds for you to bother with.  To be quite honest there was nothing exceptional about the melon, it just tasted like a melon would. (To me most melons taste somewhat the same).  However, I think this is a good option if you don’t want to chop up an entire cantaloupe or honeydew.  It’d be very convenient and a single sized serving.



  1. Where’d you get all this funky fruit from??? Never even heard of some of these, so I know the local Meijers produce doesn’t carry them 😉

    1. They were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law from a market up in Detroit called Nino Salvaggio. Kind of like whole foods feel but they don’t necessarily focus on organic per se..but different ethnic foods, etc.

      But I always check meijer, sometimes they carry some crazy stuff.

    1. Yes, definitely need to peel them! They are gross otherwise. I can only imagine trying to eat them with the peel. Ack. I just popped them in my mouth and spit out the pit when I was finished.

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