Here Comes Sparky!!

Meet “Sparky”:

I know I blogged about him already, but wanted to explain his name.  When I purchased him I was told that he needed a name…you know, kind of like a boat.  No biggie.  I name anything and everything.  Chances are if you know me, I may have a nickname for you.  For instance, all of our companion animals not only have their ‘real’ names, but secondary names.

Lily AKA Liky Beans, Beans, Beaner. Viking AKA Bubba, Bubba Black Head, Vike. Spencer AKA Banana Nose, Spence, Bigs

In addition, our cars are also named.  Back in the day I had a Mercury Topaz that was named “Betty”.  Nowadays we drive around a Jeep we call “Creeper”, as in jeepers creepers, and a Chevy Aveo we call “Skate”.  We have a local skating rink where you get to ride in a large skate for your birthday.  Doesn’t every town have this?? It was kind of a right of passage to ride in the skate for at least one of your birthdays.  My car is so small it reminds us of the Skate World Skate.  I’m so lucky that I not only got to ride around in the skate for several of my birthdays growing up, but now I get to ride in my very own everyday!

Back to Sparky.  Originally I was thinking of an Ohio State Buckeyes name.  You know, like Scarlet or something, given my bike is Scarlet & Gray.  Although we’re huge fans, it just wasn’t clicking.  Of course I liked the name Buzzbomb, but that’s my namesake, so I couldn’t share it.  I knew I wanted something with a bit of energy and zap.  Ah ha!  Sparky!!  It has the energy that I wanted, but also a few more reasons…

While growing up we went to the greyhound races once.  (Something I’m totally against now).  Everytime the lure would come out for the dogs the announcer would say “Here comes Sparky!!” and the dogs would take off after it.  Now, everytime our adopted greyhound takes off running in our yard, I can’t help but think of that.  In addition, one of my previous coworkers, Carey, blessed me with the nickname Spark Plug.  You are probably seeing a trend here with my nicknames…first Buzzbomb, now Spark Plug.  What can I say, I’m a livewire.  Although I’m not willing to share Buzzbomb, I am willing to share Spark Plug, or atleast a play on the name.

So, that’s why my bike is named Sparky.  I can only hope that like the lure at the greyhound race, I’ll have other athletes chasing after me.  Ha, wishful thinking, but the idea still makes me smile.


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