Oh What A Relief It Is

After I started getting the hang of my tri bike I started to re-evaluate myself. Although things were coming along I realized that my positioning was way off. In order to keep my girly bits (thanks Hoo Ha Ride Glide for the terminology) I was sitting way too far back in the saddle. Anytime I moved forward in the saddle I was beyond uncomfortable. My initial plan after purchasing Sparky was to upgrade the saddle. However, in order to spread out cost, I thought I could get by with the one that was supplied when I purchased him. That plan didn’t work too well. Upon performing a quick survey on Twitter I found that most everyone recommended a cut-out saddle, but more importantly to be re-fitted for my bike. Not a problem since I had already had plans to go back in to make some tweaks.

As quickly as I could I made an appointment with Bike Authority for another fitting. They immediately understood my discomfort and gave me several options for a new saddle. After discussion I ended up with an ISM Adamo Road Saddle.  No surprise, but it has a cutout and I felt immediate relief in my seat. Whew!

Mike also made a few adjustments with my bike while I was there:

He raised the seat approx 5mm so that I had a more appropriate angle extension.

He raised my aero bars, making my shoulders flatter across and allowing easier view/eyesight for me while in aero position.

He also spent some time with me while I was on the CompuTrainer explaining how pedaling is different with clipless pedals, how to actually pedal, and discussing different exercises I can do to improve my technique. With the CompuTrainer I was able to visual see a difference in how I was pedaling. I found it very interesting and helpful. I know it will be a challenge not to “punch” my legs as I pedal, since I’ve been doing that since learning how to ride a bike, but it will come with practice.

I thought I was happy prior to my second fitting (minus my saddle), but after these adjustments and helpful hints I was in heaven. I’m so very happy. Now, I’m back at it, working on logging hours in the saddle in order to get more comfortable with Sparky, being in aero position, pedaling correctly, and adding endurance especially while being in that position.


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