Taking Pride In How Far I’ve Come

Awhile back I had posted they I had gotten back into tweeting on Twitter.  The amount of awesome individuals I’ve met on Twitter is incredible.  It’s like having your own support group and another family.  Do I dare say that I often feel more encouraged and supported by people I’ve never met than those I have that I am “friends” with on Facebook?  I guess it’s no surprise.

Although there is a ton o’ good that has come from Twitter, I had a hiccup in in my self-confidence recently.  I tend to follow people who have the same basic aspirations of me.  However, there are many that I follow that are on the next level (or two) above me.  Faster runners, people able to do longer workouts on a daily basis, professional athletes, etc.  I think it’s also safe to say that it’s quite humbling.  As I was seeing these athletes kick ass I couldn’t help but feel like my athletic ability wasn’t adequate enough to be in there “presence”.  I wanted to post my accomplishments, and did, but felt I needed to state something on the lines of “I know this may not see fast to some, but I ran….” or “Longest ride to date. I know, measly to some….”  or “I placed, but it was a small field.” You get the idea. I’m sure it may have looked like I was looking for reassurance. Believe me, I wasn’t, I just felt I needed a disclaimer, since I was surrounded by such awesomeness.

It’s no surprise that I was called out on my self-confidence slump by several  tweeps.  My favorite call out was from @IronCladBen who stated:

I think you compare yourself to others too much. Just track your improvement vs your past self, much more fun that way 🙂

He’s right on several counts.

It’s true, I compare myself to others…and too much.  Who doesn’t? I blame it on being the youngest sibling in my family.  Never did my parents push me to follow the same steps as my siblings, but I couldn’t help but feel, while growing up, that I not only had to live up to what they attained, but surpass their achievements. I can tell you with confidence that I did not attain everything they did, nor surpass every one of their achievements.  Yes, I’ve done some of the same things, but thankfully chose to take my own path in many circumstances.  Why should the rest of my life be any different?

The truth is, I’m not the fastest or the best athlete, but I have made leaps and bounds from where I started. I need to remember that. My mantra is “Never say never, because I can” With that being said, I won’t say never, however it’s safe to say that I’m probably not a Kona-bound athlete or someone that will miraculously become pro after a few years of training.  Ultimately I run/swim/bike because I enjoy it, I see it as a challenge, it makes me a better person, and allows the chance to associate with other athletes living a healthy lifestyle. I want to better myself, and will, but if I get caught up in what everyone else does/achieves then the fun will go out the window. I’ll focus on this topic in another blog post soon…

I enjoy my Twitter family and hope to meet even more great people.  I just need to remember that each person is on their own journey, and their journeys aren’t necessarily the same as mine.  Seeing their workouts and race results shouldn’t discourage me, but should be seen as inspiration and make me want to go out and better myself. 

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)



  1. Hey thanks for the shout out. I really like Twitter for the same reason. It kinda becomes an echo chamber of like minded people which is great about 90% of the time.

    There is a movie “King of Kong” where they talk about how to improve as a Donkey Kong player you have to hangout with the people who are better than you. Anyway, they say that apparently in the bible somewhere it says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.

    If you look at the opposite scenario: If you are constantly hanging out with people where you’re the top of the heap, you won’t improve nearly as much. Being challenged is a good thing. So I guess, I’m saying I agree with you, 1) be humble 2) if someone is better than you at something your mindset should be “what can I learn from them?” and 3) be willing to teach others if they want to learn from you.

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