Inventory Management

Living  a low fat raw vegan lifestyle you think would be easy.  In actuality, it’s not that difficult.  However, there is one major challenge….inventory management.  What’s this you say?  Making sure you have enough ripe fruit at the right time.  Not too much, not too little. It’s definitely a fine art.  Let me explain a bit…

When eating LFRV your fruit should be RIPE.  For instance, bananas should be banana bread ripeness.  Same goes for other fruits.  You want the sugars to be at their simplest form for your body.  As fruit ripens complex sugars become simple sugars.  Make sense? The thing is, chances are you won’t find perfectly ripened, ready to eat  fruit at the store unless you can get your hands on the clearance fruit they’re ready to toss.  It takes time to ripen after you’ve bought it.

At the same time, you need A LOT of fruit to eat. As I’ve stated in previous posts I can eat 30+ bananas a day.  If you don’t have enough ripe fruit it’s easy to fall off of the LFRV bandwagon.  It won’t be the end of the world, but trust me, your body won’t appreciate it after having been raw. I always try to keep dates available just in case.

Each fruit is different how it ripens.  For instance, citrus fruits do not ripen off of the vine and grapes are usually ready to eat when purchased, so managing other fruits inventory may be a little easier.  Once again, I tend to deal with fruits that need to ripen though.  It’s easiest to show how I manage my fruit inventory by showing my bananas.  Basically, this is my set up…..

Told ya I eat a lot of bananas

Thankfully, I work a very small side job at a grocery store, which allows me to grab fruit multiple times a week while I’m there.  This also helps me score the real ripe fruit they have on clearance oftentimes.  Yes!  So I try to grab a bag o’ bananas/fruit, if not more, everytime I go to the store.  This allows me to have a different range of ripeness in my fruit.

In addition to the bananas in the picture I also have cookie sheets in our freezer loaded with bananas.  I prefer some frozen bananas in my smoothies or for treats and add bananas to the freezer as needed.  In addition, if bananas become too ripe, I “save” them by peeling and putting them in the freezer for later use.

The different seasons in Ohio present another challenge when it comes to ripening too.  As you can probably tell from the picture, I store my bananas in a little cellar/pantry area located just as you go down to our basement. This keeps them out of the way.  Although it’s never real hot or cold in this area, there is a temperature change depending on the season, which affects the bananas and how fast they ripen.  In the summer I purchase my bananas as green as I can (not the real green ones that never ripen though) and still fight fruit flies throughout the season.  When it comes to winter I try to buy the ripest I can find at the store.  I also keep them store in bags, as you can tell by the picture, to expedite the ripening process.

I’m not perfect at managing my fruit inventory, but after 2 years of transitioning to LFRV I am getting better.


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  1. I saw you are from Ohio. I don’t run into to many lfrv’s here. I went raw vegan for 1 month when I began and fell back to lightly steamed vegetables, rice and fruit for the last year. I want to transition to LFRV.

    This article was very helpful, logistics seems like the most important topic on this lifestyle but I see so little about it.

    Shoot me an email, and if you are in the Cleveland area, I would like to meet and pick your brain.

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