Fall 2011 Race Recaps – Part 2

Although I appreciate VLOGing I wasn’t thrilled with my Fall Race Recap Part 1.  I think it will be best if I stick to writing out my recaps.  I really dig Eric’s recaps over a RocTheRun.  Although I will continue to VLOG I have decided to steal his recap template.  Hope you don’t mind Eric!

I will list distance and time for my results, however so often 5Ks don’t measure out to  true 5K distances, especially in smaller races.  With that being said, I will also list my average pace since that’s what I tend to focus on and it gives me a better idea of how I did.

Firelands Area Runners (FAR) Scholarship Run

FAR is a local running club and this is a race to raise money towards their scholarship fund.  It’s held at a local metropark called Osborne Park, which is often where local cross-country race are held. 

Terrain/Route: The terrain is gravel mixed with some trail running.  Not too many hills and any of the inclines are rolling and not steep inclines/declines.  I had previously done a non-competitive race at this location when I first began running several years back.  It didn’t go that well.  Two loops of the gravel “track” equals a 5K.  The gravel proved to be a huge menace at the time.  I felt as though I wasn’t going anywhere.  I was hesitant to do this race due to my previous experience, but wanted to give it a go given it was for a good cause and was local (we don’t have too many local races, which calls for me traveling for any races I want to do.)

The Weather: Mid 50s with a slight breeze coming out of the west. It was hard to get out to warm up, however when I did I ended up choosing to run in my running skirt and keep my core warm with my polar fleece pullover.  I ran in a hat and gloves too.  The hat ended up being a bit warm so I flipped up the ears, but I was happy with my choice of running gear for the day.

High Points: The race started on the gravel path and then wound through trail terrain.  Everything went surprisingly well…even the gravel areas. Yes!  I don’t know if there’s now less gravel or if it’s because I’m a stronger runner, but I was happy.  The only other trail run I’ve done was the Muddy Buddy race, so trail running is still new to me.  It was nice to mix it up a bit.  A friend of mine also chose to run the race.  Although we didn’t run together it’s always nice to have someone running that you know.  And lastly, David was able to come be our cheering section and took pictures.

Low Points: Loud breathing runners.  I know this sounds petty, but it’s a peeve of mine.  Especially when you try to get away from them and they just keep returning. Ugh.  I also try to keep my eye on a person and make it my goal to pass them at the end. The point isn’t to beat them per se, but it’s a challenge I always give myself.  Unfortunately things didn’t go my way this time.  When I started to kick out, so did she.  Ah well.

 Time: 30:41

Distance: 3.12miles

Pace: 9:49/mi

Standing: 55th Overall  6 out of 10 in AG

 5K For Patty

Back in 2007 my first race was Outrun Ovarian Cancer (OROC) in Cleveland.  David and I ran in honor of Patty, a coworker of David’s mom.  Patty has since lost her battle with ovarian cancer, but her husband has decided to let her memory live on through a 5K walk/run.  This was the inaugural year for the race.  I happened to stumble upon it on active.com and knew I had to run it.  It was a short 15 minute ride to the site, but I still considered it a local race. 

I am not placing myself on a pedestal by any means, however I believe the majority of the people that came out were there to support the cause and most were either walkers or not experienced runners.  It was great to see so many that came out.

Terrain/Route: The route consisted of a small ¼ mile loop then a decent incline followed by a road race out and back route.  Real basic and simple, which is cool with me.

The Weather: Gorgeous!  Mid 70s with no breeze.  The fall season in Ohio can change from one hour to the next.  Although the 5K the previous weekend wasn’t horrible weather, it had been chilly.  This run was scheduled mid-day allowing it to heat up a bit and the weather couldn’t have been better.  I wore my running skirt and a tank.

High Points: Although I wasn’t near the very front, it was nice to be near the front of the pack.  Since it was an out and back route I usually see a ton of runners on their way back as I’m still heading to the midpoint.  This time I didn’t have many people pass me while on my way there and I was passing people on the way back.  Kind of cool.  This allowed me to encourage others that were behind me.  My MIL decided to run/walk this 5K…it was her first.  She did great.  It was awesome to see her out there and was so rewarding to be able to run back to her along the route and encourage her through to the end of the race. David wasn’t able to make it to the race, but my FIL did and was able to take pictures.Low Points: The incline, although short, was a slight bear.  The good thing about living where we live….no hills.  The bad thing about living where we live…no hills.  It’s nice to not have to train on inclines, but when presented with one in a race I realize how flat our terrain really is and how much I need to work on inclines.  I dealt with it, no biggie, but I need to add it to my list of things to work on.

Time: 29:51

Distance: 3.12miles

Pace: 9:48/mi

Standing: 27th Overall

 Run Like An Animal 5K

As stated previously, I have very little experience with trail running, but this race looked interesting.  I’ve been very lucky the past month with races located close to home.  This one was no different.  It was only 15+ minutes away at another local metropark.  I was able to meet up with the same friend who ran the FAR Scholarship run and meet some of her other running friends.  It’s always nice to expand your running family. Since it was a trail race I don’t have any pictures.

Terrain/Route: The race started on a paved road, but quickly took you into muddy grass trails, which lead to a trail through woods, then more muddy grass trails, and finally the paved road back to the finish line.  Throughout the entire first half of the race I was thinking, “What was I thinking signing up for this?”  It was a bit more of a challenge with dodging mud pits.  Normally I wouldn’t worry about mud pits, but it was a wee bit chilly to be messing with wet, cold feet.

Weather: Low 40s.  The week of the race was our first frost in Ohio.  The morning of the race we woke up to frost-covered grass.  With this being a morning race, through grass trails, we were still dealing with the frost throughout the race.  I wore pants, my thermal top, polar fleece pullover, hat, and gloves.  The first half of the race I had to pull my fingers into my gloves due to being cold, but as usual, ended the race very warm and comfortable.

High Points: I finished 3rd in my age group! I have never placed or received an award for my running.  I’m proud!

Low Points: Trail racing is a challenge.  I’m not sure yet whether I like the challenge or not.  I think I need a few more trail races before I decide.

After finishing the race I had a friend come up to me and said, “Did you run the full route?”  Huh?! Come to find out the trail wasn’t very well marked and more than half of us missed a turn and cut the route short by approximately ¼ mile.  Bummer.  What’s crazy is there was a spectator standing at the turn-off…why didn’t he say something?  I feel like my 3rd place is tainted, but at least I know I wasn’t the only person to cut it short.

 Time: 29:07.72

Distance: 2.81miles

Pace: 10:21/mi

Standing: 3rd in AG



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