Who Is “D” And What Does He Have To Do With Me Running

For those that follow me on Twitter, you may see that I reference “D” a lot.  You may wonder who or what “D” is.  Well, “D” is short for David, my husband =) Although I don’t call him “D” in real life I find it easier to reference him this way in technology.  With only 140 characters allowed per update I have to cut where I can.  You get the idea.

I’ve written a ton about myself on here and thought it’d be good to introduce you to David and what he has to do with my relationship with running. David and I met when I was a freshman in high school…he was a sophomore.  We were both bandos…I played trumpet, he played percussion. 

October 1997

We dated for about 6 months until I broke it off due to maturity issues on both of our behalves. Following our breakup, like most high school romances, we didn’t give each other the time of day.  After a year apart I received a letter from him stating he still had feelings for me.  I knew I still had feelings for him too but brushed it aside.  At that point we became friends again, hanging out, just having a good time.  My junior year he made his move, kissed me, and I guess you could say it sealed the deal.  Within a month of being back together I knew he was the “one”.

April 2000

David soon went off to boot camp to become a Marine while I finished out high school.  The following year he was stationed in New Orleans, La and I started college at a local university.  To make an excessively long story short, he was to be medically discharged from the USMC, we became engaged, we expected a long engagement, he WASN’T medically discharged, so we decided to get married shortly before my 19th birthday.  Yes, I was 18 when I got married and moved down to NOLA. To this day it is the only thing in my life I’ve ever been absolutely certain of.

July 2002

David’s time in the military proved to be trying on many levels.  One problem: He had never addressed his weight until enlisting and from then on it was a battle.  He was running 3-4 times a day….a person who had never run in his life prior to his time in the Marines.  Me, being a non-runner could only encourage and support him in any way possible. After doing this for 4 years it’s no surprise that his body was physically and mentally worn down.

November 2002

After his four year enlistment David’s body was broken. What was our answer to excessive running and dieting?  Eating whatever we wanted with no physical activity. Our weights ballooned higher than either of us had ever been.

January 2005

It wasn’t until 2 years later that he actually picked up running again.  This time I decided to join in the party.  I started run/walking with a friend and then finally was able to maintain a run. (My running story is much more involved, but I don’t want to stray from David’s story). Our weight started to melt off…wahoo!  We looked forward to our daily morning run dates.  He is a faster runner than me so we’d start off together, he’d stay with me for a mile or so, and then we’d finish at our own separate paces.  My runners high soon had me signing us up for 5Ks and even a half marathon.  David followed along with no complaining.

August 2007

Unfortunately, he soon found his body deteriorating once again. His body was never 100% following his time with the Marines, but it was usable. This time the deterioration wasn’t necessarily due to the running, but it wasn’t helping either. His body was in constant discomfort, the same problem which he dealt with while in the Marines…The same reason he was supposed to be medically discharged. Long story short (again) he was originally misdiagnosed while enlisted and we now have a correct diagnosis….fibromyalgia.

David’s fibromyalgia over the past 2 years has become significantly worse. He has been on multiple medications only to find that they may initially help but lose effectiveness soon after. Every so often he will try running, make it a few days, but find that his body screams at him, making him stop. Even without running he has still been able to maintain a healthy weight. David has a love/hate relationship with running, like so many do. I don’t know if he necessarily misses running, but I think he misses the effect it has on his health (weight). I know that I miss our daily running dates.

Last 5K Together - July 2009

It’s crazy for me to think that as I get deeper and deeper into running/triathlons, his chance of getting back into running gets farther away. I’m grateful that he understands my need and passion to run, bike, and swim. He acknowledges it and encourages it. He’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and I’m grateful for him in more ways than I can count. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today, as an athlete or as a person.

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)



  1. What a beautiful post! As a Marine, I can totally understand the stress it puts on your body. We were NOT designed to run in combat boots! Unfortunately, we train the way we fight and it does have long-term effects on the body. Additionally, with our less-than stellar Navy medicine, unfortunately it’s not surprising to hear that he was misdiagnosed!

    It’s wonderful that he is so supportive of you!

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