Back Bends, Cart Wheels, And Push Ups…Oh My!

In an effort to mix up my routines and bit and focus on some of my weaknesses I’ve been implementing a few things.

Weights – Weights intimidate me. Sounds crazy, but they just do.  If I’m going to do something, I want to do it right.  When it comes to running, each person has their own form.  Although certain forms are better than others there’s really not too many ways you can go wrong.  I see weights as a totally different animal.  I don’t want to hurt myself by having poor form. I have no knowledge of form when it comes to lifting.  I could watch videos on the internet, but I think this is something I’d rather do with a someone in person. Although I’d like to add some weight lifting to my routine, a weight trainer isn’t in the cards at this very moment.  In the meantime my plan is to continue doing research and possibly add some small free weights to my routine.

Plank A Day – Thanks to the #plankaday tweeps on twitter I was made aware of Plank A Day.  I initially started with 15 second planks and am now up to 60 sec0nd planks.  I do about 6 planks a day.  I hope to continue to increase in time and amount of planks as time goes on. This will help strengthen my core and may even help my arm strength a bit.  I also think this may help get even more comfortable in the aero position.

Back bends – I was in dance (Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics) for 11 years.  I was super flexible and miss my flexibility.  I’ve taken the time over the past week to work on getting back into doing back bends.  Holy crap, I can’t believe how hard they were initially.  I’m getting old.  But, I’ve gone from laying on my back going into back bends and am at the point where I can stand up from a back bend.  Today D helped spot me while I went into back bends from a standing position.  Once I get comfortable with that my plan is to attack front walkovers. Like I said, I hope this helps my flexibility.  I’ve already seen a huge difference.  I’m sure this can’t hurt my core, but mostly it’s just fun =)

Cart Wheels – A fellow tweep, Skibba Doo, has the goal of crossing the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Strip At Night Half Marathon finish line with cart wheels.  She was looking for other tweeps to join in.  Unfortunately I can’t make it to the race, but it gave me the idea of adding cart wheels to my mix.  Kind of like back bends, this is mostly in fun.  Just like back bends, after not having done one in years I was amazed how sore I was after I only did a few. Although I don’t expect much out of this other than a smile I can see it possibly helping my core, flexibility, and arm strength.

Push ups – Prior to 2007 running was my biggest challenge.  I’ve been able overcome this challenge and quite obviously run regularly.  Next to running I think push ups would be the next hardest thing for me to overcome.  My ability to do push ups is basically non-existent.  I’ve attempted them many times with no luck.  It’s time to make it happen.  With the help of twitter and D I’m ready to take on the challenge. Today was my first official day on the 100pushups challenge.  I’ll be honest I was hurting and to the point of tears in frustration, but I kept on.  Trust me, I’ll get there.  It will happen.

My push up motto?

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)

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  1. Good luck with the push up challenge! I’m sure if you stick with the program you’ll be able to do 100!

    I’ve been getting back into handstands in the past few months. I used to do gymnastics and be super good at them as a kid. I want to get that back.

    From my perspective, it’s just really fun to go from not being able to do something barely at all to a moderate level of competence. As long as you can swallow your pride in the beginning, understand that it’s OK to suck and there’s nowhere to go but up. Then it becomes really fun to watch yourself progress.

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