Tag, I’m It

I was recently tagged by Mike over at Just A Little Run.  The deal: He tells us 7 random facts about himself and then tags 15 more people to do the same.  I must admit, I kind of like these types of things.  It does help you to have insight into the person.

I’m going to bend the rules a bit.  I already had a list from Facebook and figured I could use it.  It already had 25 random things listed.  I was able to get it down to 21.  So my random 7 things are now 21.  And I’m only going to tag 10 people.

Please don’t judge to harshly. I can’t tell you normal things about myself…that would be boring.

1. I like to turn on music and dance around the house for fun. I am known to watch YouTube videos in order to learn and memorize dances just for fun.

2. I have strong beliefs but as time goes on I question organized religion more and more.

3. Long ago I wanted to be a physical therapist or teacher when I grew up.

4. It’s weird for me to see people I went to high school with getting married, even though I’ve been married for 9 years.

5. I have no desire to have children. When a child walks in the room, no matter how well behaved, my anxiety and blood pressure go through the roof. Thankfully this has gotten better over time, but it still exists. At the age of 28 D had a vasectomy and at the age of 27 I had a tubal ligation. People may think we’re nuts, but we wanted to be absolutely sure. We have never ruled out adoption at a later date.

6. I clean our bathroom almost every day.

7. I grew up recycling but stopped once we got married. Within the past year we’ve started back up and I’m absolutely obsessed with making sure I recycle every little thing.

8. 4 years ago I couldn’t run to the corner of my block. I’m not fast or pretty when I run, but I’ve now run many 5ks, a half marathon, and a triathlon. I am looking forward to training for my first Half Rev (half-ironman distance ) in 2012 and someday a marathon.

9. If it weren’t so taboo I’d shave my head in a heartbeat. It’d be much easier.

10. After David went to boot camp I had the desire to go through the experience myself. I even went to talk to the recruiter, but chose a different path.  I still have a desire to have a boot camp experience. It’d be a huge challenge for me, and I’d like to see how I deal.

11. I make everything more complicated, no matter how easy it is. I like to know the ins and outs. The hows and whys.

12. I make notes/lists of everything. Even when I know I won’t need them, I still make them. And of course even if I did something that wasn’t on my list I still write it down just so I can cross it off.

13. I rarely watch tv. However, I can’t go minutes without being connected to the internet.

14. I’m weird about my silverware. Certain kinds I can’t use, let alone eat with. The shape, the weight, it’s just wrong. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Thankfully regular restaurant silverware is usually ok….And since I’m mostly low fat raw vegan now silverware usually isn’t needed.

15. I’m all about equality. If I eat with my right hand, I have to give my left hand equal opportunity. Or if I touch something…both hands have to have the same opportunity. This especially flares up when I’m having a bout of OCD.

16. I don’t have premonitions but sometimes I have feelings of discernment. I can’t always place who/what it is/when it will happen, but stuff happens. It doesn’t scare me, and I wish I could tap into it better.

17. I’ve never touched an illegal drug and have no desire to do so.

18. The best decision I ever made was to get married at the age of 18 and get out of Ohio for some time.

19. I don’t think I have any fashion sense. I just wear what feels right and what I like. I do wish I could follow my heart more with what to wear. Sometimes my high school confidence comes back and I doubt myself.

20. I know our companion animals are not human, but I still hold conversations as if they are.

21. As you can probably tell from this list, I have a history of OCD-like tendencies.  I kept my issues hidden for years.  Now they are known and for the most part I can keep them in check as an adult. Some of my past issues: When I used to make the sign of the cross, as I prayed as a child, it had to “feel right”. If it didn’t, I would do it over and over.  When I would go to bed I had to do the same routine: close my door, go over to my closet and pull on the door (even though it was already closed), touch both sets of blinds, check my alarm clock (multiple times), turn off the light and get in bed.  I had a specific order of watching tv channels and remember the order to this day: 8, 5, 2, 20, 29, 44, 45,11,12, 22, 13, 35, 38, 57. Like I said, I have been able to keep this in check as an adult but sometimes have small relapses. I still prefer odd numbers (which makes no sense…you’d think I’d like even). I always hope I get an odd number when it comes to my races.  Recently I had a racing buddy offer to let me register first at a race so that I could get the odd number bib…she knows me well =) Speaking of odd numbers, I think I shall finish with Number 21.

Sorry if you don’t want to be tagged.  I tagged people who I’d like to know better and who I thought may be interested. If not, just pass =)

Carey – Chapstick Chatter

Ben – Vegan Gym Rat

Ben – Becoming Timberman

Jenna – JenoJoon

Juls – Double D Athlete

Sugar Magnolia – Sugar Magnolia 70

Donna – TriNTriAgain

Jen – Miles, Muscles, Mommyhood

Jocelyn – Enthusiastic Runner

Eric – Roc The Run

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)


  1. thanks for the tag… not sure i will post this one… but i enjoyed reading yours!!!!! i did a 100 things a while back… maybe i should find that 🙂

  2. I just read over your list and I find it fascinating about the low fat raw vegan eating! and how many bananas you can eat 🙂

    Why would it be taboo to shave your head??

    Which race are you Rev’ving???

    1. Thanks 🙂

      About the hair: considering my husband recently dyed his mowhawk green and was asked not to do so by our employer I have a feeling it wouldn’t be well accepted if I shaved my head. (We have the same employer) Although I have had VERY short hair several times. Never say never, right? I’m going to do it…someday.

      I’m for sure on for the half Rev at CP. I actually live 1.5 miles from the venue and run part of the route daily, so quite convenient. Still pushing around the idea of Knoxville and/or Wisconsin too. What are your plans??

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