Jessie Schenk Turkey Chase 5K Race Recap

I came across this race on a local race group’s website I frequent.  I was unable to do a 5k on Thanksgiving due to our schedule and since this was within 20 minutes of home I made this my “thanksgiving race” for this year.  This marks the 3rd year for the race.  I found it to be well organized and I absolutely love the bright orange long-sleeved shirts given out.  The race is called a turkey chase because every year there is a guy dressed up like a turkey. He holds the course record of just over 17 minutes.  If you beat the turkey you win a pie.  Of course I had no chance of beating the turkey, but I thought it was a fun concept.

Weather: 48 degrees – overcast – 14 mph winds…Definitely not the best of circumstances, but not the worst either.  I debated whether to wear pants or shorts and went the shorts route.  Although chilly to begin with, especially since the first half was heading into the wind, I was glad with my choice of shorts.  I have found that if I keep my core warm then I’m good to go. By the time the race finished the sun was shining and it ended up being a gorgeous day.

I don't usually race with music, but figured, "Why not?" today.

Terrain/Route: Out and back, paved route, along a golf course.  This was a VERY winding path with rolling hills and several decent inclines.

Can't really see me, but this gives you an idea of how winding the course was.

High Points: With no running buddies available to join in this local 5k race I went at it alone, which is no big deal to me.  However, my parents surprised me by showing up 5 minutes before the race. =) I felt loved.  Their support is always appreciated.  They don’t have to come to my races but they often do, standing in the heat and cold, and oftentimes only seeing me for a few seconds during a 30-minute (or longer depending on the length) race.

As I’ve discussed inclines/hills are a weakness of mine.  To be honest I haven’t had time or the opportunity to work on inclines as of my last recap.  With that being said I attacked the hills on the course today.  It was awesome to feel my attack as it was happening, especially as I passed each and every one on the hill.  Oh yeah!

As I sit here typing my body is sore…especially my abs.  I must admit it’s been awhile since that has happened for a race.  I think it goes to show how much I really pushed.

Low Points: I was having a bit of GI upset pre-race.  Upon the race start I thought I was good to go.  It seemed that way until approximately 1.5 miles in.  At that point my intestines started to become active and I was seriously eyeing the neighboring cornfields to relieve myself.  I slowed my pace slightly and thankfully it passed.  My guess is that with my original GI upset on top of really pushing myself through the rolling terrain, the cold and wind, my body was saying, “WHOA!”

Not knowing the course all that well I thought I was nearing the end (why didn’t I look at my Garmin?) I started to kick out only to find I had more than another ½ mile to go.  Whoops.  This called for me to do not only one but two kick outs due to my error.  I tried to keep a decent pace and finished decently strong. 

Just after realizing I kicked out too soon. Whoops!

Time: 30:50 Not a PR but I know I backed off on my pace mid-race and I think I did quite well considering this wasn’t a typical terrain I’ve trained/raced on. I’m very happy with my time.

Distance: 3.17 miles

Pace: 9:45/mile

Standing: No results posted yet.  Awards were only given to top three male/female overall.


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