Poop Problems

This post is dealing about feces and defecation.  Some may be grossed out about discussion of this topic.  Obviously, from a previous post, you can tell I’m not.  I believe one’s feces can tell a lot about their health and body.  I often post about my low fat raw vegan journey on here.  This is just another part of that journey.  If you don’t want to read anymore…stop here.

Since going raw defecating was real easy.  I’d go many times a day, it’d only take as long as urinating, and I’d be on my way.  Fast, easy, smooth, and clean. Unfortunately, those days are gone. What?!

Let’s go back a bit.  I’m on a supplement called potassium citrate for my kidney stones.  Unfortunately my body doesn’t make enough citrates to inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate stones.  I’d been on the tablet form of the supplement 3 times daily for approximately 2 years (this past spring), when I noticed I was defecating out entire non-dissolved pills.  In other words my body was not absorbing them.  I made a quick call to my urologist and he changed my prescription.  I was put on the crystal form of the supplement…same dose, 3 times daily, added to water. That’s when I started to have issues defecating.  I was becoming severely bloated.  Although I wasn’t constipated I wasn’t defecating enough for what I was putting in.  My feces was pencil thin. I had no idea what the issue was…kidney stone complications?  Endometriosis complications?

I made an appointment with my obgyn and found that more than likely it wasn’t endo related and he recommended probiotics.  I went directly to the health store and not only purchased probiotics but enzymes too.  I began to take them and things seemed to get a little better, but not perfect. I wasn’t happy, but thought it’d get better with time.

Next, it was time to check the pH level of the urine to see if the potassium citrate was doing its job.  We found that I needed to seriously back off of the supplement….down to once a day. (Hmmm, so maybe my body really wasn’t absorbing the pills, hence why I was taking them 3 times a day in order to normalize my citrates…). My hope was with backing down on the potassium citrate, I’d go back to normal.  Nope.

At that point in time I was not 100% raw and I began to eat even more cooked foods.  I was hoping that maybe cooked food would help move things along.  I was also beginning to question if my body all of the sudden had decided to object all of the fruits and veggies I was eating.

Most recently, I am back to almost 100% raw.  Again, I was hoping by going back raw that things would work themselves out.  No such luck.  Although the fruits and veggies should provide enough fiber I’ve even added a fiber supplement.  I’ve even removed all potassium citrate, other medications/supplements. Still no better.  I don’t weigh myself, but can’t help but realize how bloated my belly is.  Before I would eat and defecate within 20 minutes.  Now, I’m lucky if I go once a day.  I know this is normal for some. Not me.

So what do I do?  I spent this morning at the doctor’s office.  He agreed with me that a colonscopy is in order. I am now waiting to hear from the specialist in order to schedule the procedure. 

My fear?  They won’t understand my lifestyle and their sole “treatment” would be to change it to a standard American diet.  Not an option.  Although I’d be willing to go away from raw, I will always stay vegan. However, I think my experimentation shows cooked food didn’t help me.  I’m sure many will say, “See, you’re eating too many bananas!” Ah, but I truly don’t believe that to be the problem.  Why was I doing so well previously?

I can’t help but think that noticing I wasn’t absorbing the pills was a sign of something that I overlooked, and everything else is just a coincidence .

Of course I had to do my own research on what this could be….

Rectal polyps, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease are the most likely that are listed.  People that drink alcohol, eat processed meats, eat high fat foods, and don’t exercise are more likely to have polyps/cancer.  None of those apply to me. But then again, polyps run in my family. As for cancer, I’d like to think that at my age I wouldn’t have it, but you never know. And IBD, well that would just be a pain in the butt.

Never a dull moment, but I guess it’s all part of my journey…hence why I’m documenting it here.  My body has never gone by the rules previously, what makes now any different?

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)



  1. as someone with an IBD (Ulcerativ Colitis) I can vouch for how not fun they are. I am glad you are going in to have everything checked out.

    The Doctors who treat UC never want to talk about alternative options. Not one told me that extreme changes to a diet can help, only the itnernet and experimenting at home told me that. I have had to cut out red meat (my favorite) and as much processed food as possible.

    I know when I slip up.. my body tells me right away.. the diet change did more to help than the medicine ever did… I now only go in for an annual check up to make sure no polyps are growing…..

    listen to the doctor, get the tests, and do what is best for you and your lifestyle, if the dr says eat more meat… you may need a new doc..

    1. Thanks Eric! Although I try to stick with the least invasive route I can, I have definitely found I need to be my own.advocate.

      I have changed my diet for a multitude of reasons, including my health. Like you, I avoid processed foods. I too can tell (and regret) when I’ve eaten something “wrong”. My endometriosis flares up like you wouldn’t believe. Even atthis point I often have issues with cooked foods. My body truly does best on raw. Crazy to think that, but then again it’s true, you are what you eat.

      My procedure is scheduled for Tuesday and I plan to update here as this progresses. I may even contact you depending on what happens.

  2. I know my Doc is all about understanding what my lifestyle is like before changing anything for me, even something as simple as birth control. She is the most amazing doctor I’ve ever had and it’s tough for me to read about others not having a good experience or being worried that their docs won’t understand their lifestyle. So sad. If anyone should understand and appreciate your healthy lifestyle it ought to be your Doc.

    1. Thanks Alisa! Thankfully I have super understanding doctors that respect my lifestyle and actually praise what I do. I’m truly grateful for that. This doctor will be a specialist who I’ve never met so I’m always hesistant. But I’m hopeful =)

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