Colonoscopy Follow-Up

I wanted to give you a quick update on my GI situation. Shortly after my blog post on the topic I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. For those who follow me on twitter, you were kept abreast of my colonoscopy preparations. Ha! Everyone warned me that the preparation would be the worst. Thankfully, and honestly, I can say it wasn’t that bad. I was able to use a preparation kit that I only had to drink two 16 oz cups. Much better than the the other option of the 1 gallon solution. My doctor’s office had a free sample of the solution I used and they graciously offered it to me. Otherwise, chances our my insurance wouldn’t have covered it and I would’ve had to use the gallon deal. Whew! I really wasn’t all that hungry either. I attribute that to my usual diet, which so often consists of smoothies. I’m used to drinking a lot of fluids too, so my body still felt “full” with all of the liquid I was drinking.

The actual colonoscopy went well too. Nothing all that exciting. However, everything was normal. Not that I wanted anything to be wrong, but I was hoping to have an answer. So, once again, what to do now? If I understand correctly, I am to go back to the specialist in two weeks. I’m figuring at that time we’ll be able to discuss a gameplan. In the meantime it is my goal to stay as low fat raw vegan as I can.

For the past 2 days my bowels have been more regular. Hmmm. Of course that makes me thrilled, but still doesn’t explain anything. Not that I’ve ever advocated colon cleanses or anything, but it does make me wondering…did I just needed to be cleared out??

As always, I’ll continue with updates as they come.

Side Note: I’m amazed at how high functioninh I was after the procedure. Especially given I was still heavily sedated. I VAGUELY remember waking up, eating toast and drinking juice, then getting dressed and being taken to the car. I don’t remember the car ride. When I got home I proceeded to make vegan mac and cheeze and made a VLOG (see my last post). I even uploaded the video. Yeeeeaaahhhh. Obviously that happened, because I have proof, but I was definitely in another world. Ha! Kind of scary….but funny!

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)


  1. Glad everything was normal! My husband had a colonoscopy last year. He was hilarious once he woke up. He kept asking me the same questions over and over again and I would keep asnwering htem over and over again. We went through a drive thru to get him some food and as we are pulling out he tells me he is hungry and wants some food. Ummm… here about this food WE JUST BOUGHT! He doesn’t remember any of this. LOL. That sedation is the craziest thing.

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