Jingle Bell Run 5k Recap

The latest race I’ve ever done in a season was a Turkey Dash.  This year I figured I’d give a Christmas race a go.  Enter the Jingle Bell Run 5K.  This race was held just outside the grounds of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in a neighboring city.  For those who don’t know, Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States, was born in Delaware, Ohio.  Long story short, after his presidency he retired to his home, Spiegel Grove, in Fremont, Ohio.  The Presidential Center not only has a museum but also offers tours of his home.  As a kid this was always a special field trip and I must admit I’ve taken the tour several times, even as an adult.  When looking for a race I thought this was a great option…short drive, cool location, and some of the money raised goes back to the Presidential Center.

Weather: Brrrrr. 25 degrees at race time.  Thankfully the sun was out and there was little to no wind.  I wore 2 pairs of tights, a Nike Pro Thermal top, along with a Target C9 wicking top and polar fleece ¼ zip top.  I donned my Nike “hood” to protect my neck and my Nike hat.  A friend let me try out her wicking gloves and I covered them up with D’s big ol’ polar fleece glove/mittens. They were so big I didn’t even put my fingers through the finger holes.  My hands were very well protected!  Lastly, my Team Sparkle skirts arrived this past week and I was able to rock out my turquoise skirt with race legs. I ran the race with my fellow Tri friend, Wendy.  Yes, she’s a barefoot runner…crazy, I know, but she rocks!

High Points: The course was an out and back route.  It started at the top of a hill, dipped down, and then rose again at 1.25 miles.  Once you turned around you went back downhill, then back uphill at 3 miles, and finished in a flat gateway to the Presidential Center.  Just like my last race, I attacked the hills and was thrilled how well I did.  I was once again passing people during the rises and was proud of myself.  Although the weather was cold I was toasty warm, but not too hot, and was thankful that the mittens/gloves kept my hands perfect.  My abs were aching at 2 miles but I attributed that to the extra oompf I was giving to push myself.  My bowels cooperated and I had no discomfort. Yay!

Low Points: I really don’t have any.  As with any race, I go into it looking for fun and try to push myself.  I had fun and am glad with my effort and results. It was a nice route too.

Time: 29:24.8!!!! Although I’ve broken 30:00 previously, this is the first true 5K distance race that I’ve run a sub 30:00…and it’s a new PR.  WOOT! Dunno is I should attribute this to my pushing, the cold weather, or my Team Sparkle skirt. 😉

Distance: 3.1 miles

Pace: 9:29/mile

Standing: 97th Overall and 3rd in Age Group

Here’s a close up of my 3rd place award, a Rutherford B. Hayes $1 coin.



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