New Challenge: Hitting The Slopes…Again

Thanksgiving weekend I happened to be browsing through TJ Maxx and came across affordable insulated/ski/snowboard pants. I haven’t owned a pair in well over 15 years. I thought to myself, “It’d be nice to have a pair…even if I were to use them while shoveling or snowblowing.” However, I knew in the back of my mind what I really wanted them for.

As you’ve read, I broke my femur while skiing back in 1995. It was a pretty overwhelming experience. Thankfully several years later my brother and I headed to New York and I faced my fears, hitting the slopes again. To my surprise my skills were still there. (Mind you I’m not a super skier.) With the exception of having a small fall, I did quite well and it was great to be out there again. We skied all day and into the night. I found peace out there when I was soaking up the experience. The same peace I now feel when I’m swimming.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been skiing since. It’s not like I’ve avoided it, it just hasn’t happened. In addition, I no longer own any ski gear. Although I faced my anxiety of skiing I must admit the anxiety has come back a bit. Enter my idea….It’s time for me to get out there and ski again. Why?

Number 1: I enjoyed it.

Number 2: If something causes me anxiety or makes me uncomfortable I face the problem, stare it down, and overcome it. If you’ve follow my blog you also know that I like to challenge myself. That’s how I roll.

My plan? Head up to visit my brother and sister-in-law up north and make a day of skiing sometime this winter season. I don’t plan on purchasing skis, boots, or a season pass. Heck, maybe this will be a once every 15 years type of thing. Either way, I need to face it. Not to mention, this should be entertaining.

Although it’s getting colder, I’ll have to wait a bit longer before true skiing weather hits us. I’ll keep you posted!

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)



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