Team Red, White, And Blue

In 2011 I signed up to volunteer for Revolution 3 Cedar Point.  Just a few days prior to the race Beyond Transition released an article on Jim Wilkes of Team Red, White, and Blue.  I was immediately inspired.  Here was a wounded veteran overcoming all obstacles set in front of him, and proving everyone wrong.   Come race day I got to see Team Red, White, & Blue in action. Oftentimes Team Members run with full-sized American Flags.

Team RWB’s vision is to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position in the Active Duty force or National Guard.  This idea struck a cord with me. As you know from a previous post, I am a wife of a former Marine.  Although D never served in a war zone, I understand firsthand the struggles that veterans go through whether during their time in active duty or thereafter.  In addition, I’ve also seen and experienced the strain veterans and their families have while filing and awaiting a ruling for disability compensation.  This is just one of the many struggles that veterans face.  Team RWB was recently featured on the Today Show.  The feature can be seen here.

I have been looking to join or be accepted by a triathlon team for the 2012 racing season.  I figure a team would provide camaraderie and guidance to me as a triathlon newbie.  Upon research, I found that I could become a member of Team RWB.  By doing so, I will not only be part of a team, but I can raise awareness and funds for an incredible organization, with a mission that’s close to my heart.  All while doing what I love….swim, bike, and run.  I have since “met” Jim Wilkes and Team RWB on Twitter and Facebook and am proud to join such a great group of people.

I must admit, fundraising isn’t something I’ve ever excelled at.  Although I’m straightforward, I am a non-confrontational person and hate to be seen as pushy.  I know that most funds from any fundraising efforts go towards wonderful organizations, but the actual activity of fundraising often makes me uncomfortable.  Of course it is my hope that I am able to raise some sort of funds for Team RWB, but my main goal is to focus on awareness and giving back to veterans in any way possible.

I’m very excited to be representing Team RWB throughout 2012 and look forward to the adventures ahead.  If you would like to donate, please head over to my Team RWB page.



  1. What a wonderful cause! Fund raising can be very stressful, and it seems like someone is always asking for money. I think the biggest thing is to get the word out and not be too pushy. There are so many wonderful organizations out there, but it seems as if there is also a lot of redundancy, each with their own overhead costs. Do you know how much of the donations goes towards the cause and how much is overhead? Sometimes it helps to clearly lay that information out for people.

    1. They are a newer organization so they are upfront in saying That the first yr funds have gone to some of the start up of the organization. Of course as time goes on they hope that most, if not all, funds go to wounded warriors.

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