Shaq, You’ve Been Challenged!

For those who don’t know, Shaquille O’ Neill has a show called “Shaq Vs”. On his show he challenges athletes in their respective sports to try and prove that he’s “the greatest athlete.”  Well, my fellow Team Red, White, and Blue teammate, Jim Wilkes, has issued Shaq a challenge: Run a sprint triathlon.  Say what?  Tis true.  Jim Wilkes wants Shaq to come to Sandusky, Ohio, when Rev3Tri rolls into town, and run a sprint triathlon. 

Check out Jim’s challenge to Shaq:

I think that this is an excellent idea and hope Shaq accepts the challenge.  Not only would it be great to see Shaq attempt a triathlon, but I think it’d be great for my hometown of Sandusky, Ohio.

Please retweet, repost, and get the word out.  Hey Shaq, accept Jim’s challenge!!



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