2012: Believe In Yourself

As we head into 2012 I hope it’s everything that you hope for and more. Whatever your resolution (or non-resolution), success begins with believing in yourself.

As you saw, I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions.  However, like so many, I have some plans for 2012.  Here they are….

Run my 2nd Half Marathon – As of last night I have registered for the Toledo Glass City Half Marathon.  It’s scheduled a little early in the season for my liking (April), but it’s what worked with my schedule.  It won’t interfere with our trip to Italy or my Half Rev3 training.

Italy!!!!!!! – I don’t think I could add enough exclamation marks to show how flippin’ excited I am about going to Italy!!!!!!!  D and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year.  It has always been our dream to venture to Italy and it’s finally becoming a reality.  We’re looking forward to spending 9 days in Rome, traveling through Tuscany, and also Florence.

Complete my first Half Rev3 Triathlon – If you haven’t been able to tell from previous posts, I’m super stoked and super scared about this all rolled into one.  Although it may sound crazy, I’m looking forward to the long hours of training that are heading my way.

Cruisin’ the Western Caribbean – To add to our 10th wedding anniversary celebration, we’ll be sailing on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas in the fall.  We’ll be joining my parents, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and my brother and SIL, also celebrating their 10th anniversary, along with a few aunts and uncles. This is sure to be a good time.

(Something to note: both trips are each planned within one month’s time following each of my “big” races.  Ha, fancy that 😉  Gotta offset my hardwork with some enjoyment too.  Right?) 

I know there will be additional races and that life will be throwing us other ups and downs throughout the year, but this is what I’m looking forward to most.

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)


  1. Wow – you are going to have an amazing 2012! Gotta admit, I’m kinda jealous of your trips – I’ve always wanted to go to Italy!! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  2. I’m my first time viewing your blog but I can already tell it’s worth following. You have an amazing personality and your outlook on life is inspiring.

    After viewing this video I had to watch another (Hate Your Job? Quit!). Great advice. What’s the purpose of a job if not to bring you happiness as well as sustenance? If a job doesn’t make you happy it is not doing its job as a job so fire your job.

  3. Woooo hoooo! One of my main goals this year is also to believe in myself!

    Excited to see what your year has in store for you! Hope to see you on the Rev3 forums and possibly at the race…we will see if my travel budget can get me there.

  4. I’m so jealous of your upcoming trips, and their timing couldn’t be more perfect! My ultimate foodie destination right now is Italy. I can’t wait to go one day and eat carbs and drink wine all day long.

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