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Oh What A Relief It Is

After I started getting the hang of my tri bike I started to re-evaluate myself. Although things were coming along I realized that my positioning was way off. In order to keep my girly bits (thanks Hoo Ha Ride Glide for the terminology) I was sitting way too far back in the saddle. Anytime I moved forward in the saddle I was beyond uncomfortable. My initial plan after purchasing Sparky was to upgrade the saddle. However, in order to spread out cost, I thought I could get by with the one that was supplied when I purchased him. That plan didn’t work too well. Upon performing a quick survey on Twitter I found that most everyone recommended a cut-out saddle, but more importantly to be re-fitted for my bike. Not a problem since I had already had plans to go back in to make some tweaks.

As quickly as I could I made an appointment with Bike Authority for another fitting. They immediately understood my discomfort and gave me several options for a new saddle. After discussion I ended up with an ISM Adamo Road Saddle.  No surprise, but it has a cutout and I felt immediate relief in my seat. Whew!

Mike also made a few adjustments with my bike while I was there:

He raised the seat approx 5mm so that I had a more appropriate angle extension.

He raised my aero bars, making my shoulders flatter across and allowing easier view/eyesight for me while in aero position.

He also spent some time with me while I was on the CompuTrainer explaining how pedaling is different with clipless pedals, how to actually pedal, and discussing different exercises I can do to improve my technique. With the CompuTrainer I was able to visual see a difference in how I was pedaling. I found it very interesting and helpful. I know it will be a challenge not to “punch” my legs as I pedal, since I’ve been doing that since learning how to ride a bike, but it will come with practice.

I thought I was happy prior to my second fitting (minus my saddle), but after these adjustments and helpful hints I was in heaven. I’m so very happy. Now, I’m back at it, working on logging hours in the saddle in order to get more comfortable with Sparky, being in aero position, pedaling correctly, and adding endurance especially while being in that position.

Adapt And Overcome

I’ve had my Tri bike for several days now.  I’m still enjoying the excitement of owning a new bike.  ‘Sparky’ is currently being housed in our dining room.  I find that everytime I walk by him I want to hop on, and oftentimes do.  I know this excitement will more than likely fade, but I am enjoying it now.  Not to mention, by hopping on, my body is adjusting to the fit of the bike.

I knew there’d be an adjustment in riding a Tri bike versus what I was used to.  But I must admit, I think it’s going to be a larger adjustment than I originally thought.  Mind you it’s been several weeks since I’ve ridden my bike since I’ve been targeting 5Ks.  However, with the Tri bike I feel like I’m so out of shape.  I’m tiring easier and my legs are sore the next day.  I attribute this to the different geometry of the bike.

So it looks like I have a bit of a challenge on my hands.  But, if I learned anything from D being in the Marines, I must Adapt and Overcome.  I’ve never let an obstacle stop me before and this is no different (with the exception of doing pushups.  I can’t do a pushup to save my life, no matter how hard or long I’ve tried. Any helpful hints on doing them are greatly appreciated!)

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling =)

Big Things Happening Here!

Several big things happened over the past few days and I wanted to share them.

Number 1. I purchased a Triathlon Bike this past weekend.  Back tracking a bit….in April 2010 I went to Bike Authority.  At that time I wanted a “big girl’ bike since the last bike I had was from when I was in 8th grade.  I decided on a hybrid vs a road bike since I thought I could ride it to and from work a little easier.  Although this was the case I wonder if I should’ve purchased a road bike at that time. 

Fast forward to the present, I was looking to upgrade to a road bike given I’ve started doing triathlons.  The fit of a road bike vs hybrid is totally different.  Add on to that, a triathlon bike is even a little more different (it has to do with the geometry of the bike and you), but more specific to performing triathlons.  I walked in targeting a road bike with plans to upgrade certain components (adding aero bars, etc) but walked out with a Cervelo Tri bike.  Say what?  Tis true.  Here is my reasoning.  We were all set to get me fit to the road bike and we passed some bikes on sale, most of them Tri bikes.  One was the perfect size for me.  After adding all of the components I had hope to add they would’ve been comparable in price. And lastly, although the Tri bike is more specific to running triathlons, that’s all I plan to do and I have my hybrid bike as a backup if I want to just go out for a joy ride. 

So I was measured for “Sparky” (I’ll explain the name in a later blog), purchased clipless pedals, purchased cycling shoes, adjustments were made to the bike, I picked up a trainer, and I was good to go! I’ll be heading back to Bike Authority in a few weeks for any adjustments that need to be made.

I’m grateful that not only do I have an understanding husband, but one that encourages me in my sport. He went with me, helped me choose my bike and got me all outfitted, without one complaint…even about how much everything was. It got to a point where I had to tell HIM “no!” when he wanted me to get more things. I know there are many supportive spouses out there. I’m just glad I was just one of the lucky ones that got one.

Chris and Mike at Bike Authority were excellent!  Although I had done a ton of research they took their time and explained everything, which I really appreciate since I’m still a newbie when it comes to some of this stuff.

Number 2.  Even bigger than the bike…I registered for the Half Rev3Tri at Cedar Point!!! I’m so flippin’ excited that I cannot contain myself.  In 340 days I will be swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles…all in one day.  This idea has been in the back of my mind for several years. I’m lucky enough to live in a city that the Rev3 Series hits, so why not?? This is a first for me and it is a big undertaking, but I have no worries.  I’ve never let myself down before and it won’t happen now.

So that’s what’s happening around here!  I had a 5K race this past weekend and another one this weekend.  I plan to do a video recap of those and will post those sometime next week

Be Grateful and Keep Smiling!


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